Fresh Flower Care 101: Keeping Your Blooms Vibrant

There’s something magical about a vibrant, fresh wreath adorning your front door or window during the festive season. Yet, keeping these lively arrangements from losing their charm too quickly can be a challenge. Typically crafted from various evergreen conifers, wreaths bring the spirit of the holidays into your home.


Wondering how to ensure your live wreath stays fresh throughout the season? In this guide, we’ll provide straightforward tips, from choosing the right greenery to simple watering techniques. Let’s dive into the steps that will help you maintain the beauty of your live wreath, making your holiday decor truly unforgettable.

Fresh is Best

When it comes to keeping your wreath vibrant, freshness is key. The sooner your greenery reaches you, the longer it will maintain its lively appearance. Take the time to inquire about the sources of fresh-cut greenery from retailers. Understanding where it comes from and how recently it was cut provides valuable insights into its freshness. For an even more optimal outcome, consider harvesting your greenery from a local farm or your own yard.

Hang Your Wreath Outside for Long-Lasting Freshness

When it comes to preserving the vibrancy of your live wreath, the choice of location matters. Experts suggest opting for outdoor spaces rather than indoor environments for your fresh wreaths, swags, and garlands. The cool outdoor atmosphere significantly extends their lifespan compared to the drying conditions inside a heated home.


If you decide to display your fresh wreath outside, be mindful of its placement. Avoid direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can accelerate drying and browning. High-quality live wreaths, when hung outdoors, have the potential to stay fresh for up to eight weeks. However, placing them in full sun or indoors may shorten their lifespan to just a couple of weeks.

Revitalize Your Greens with a Soothing Soak

Before diving into the creative process of crafting your decorative arrangements, prioritize the hydration of your fresh greens. Immerse the plants in cool, clean, and fresh water, ensuring they are fully submerged for a minimum of 24 hours. This extended soaking period allows the stems and plants to absorb a substantial amount of water, rejuvenating them for a longer-lasting display.


If full immersion is not feasible, focus on thoroughly soaking all cut ends to ensure they benefit from a revitalizing drink. This simple yet effective step will contribute to the longevity and vibrancy of your wreaths and arrangements.

Hydrate with Care

Maintaining the lush greenery of your wreath requires regular and thoughtful hydration. Spritzing or misting your wreath is a key practice to prevent browning and extend its longevity.

How to Spritz a Wreath

To ensure your wreath stays fresh and fragrant, focus on spritzing the back of the wreath, targeting the cut ends of the boughs. Aim to do this every two to three days for optimal results.

How to Mist a Wreath

For a more intensive hydration routine, consider misting your wreath up to three times a day. Using a small water bottle (16 to 24 ounces), generously mist the wreath in the morning, around 1 p.m., and again at the end of the day. This thorough misting process helps combat the browning process, keeping your wreath vibrant and beautiful.

Keep Your Wreaths Cool

Maintaining the vibrancy of your fresh evergreen arrangements relies on a cool environment. To prevent rapid drying, follow these tips:

Avoid Heat Sources

Place your wreaths away from active fireplaces, direct sunlight, or heating vents. Shield them from breezes, drafts, and any source of warmth.

Nighttime Cooling

During the night, consider relocating your wreaths to cooler spaces like an unheated basement or garage. This strategic move can significantly extend the freshness of your decorative greenery.

Choose the Great Outdoors

Maximize the lifespan of your fresh greenery by opting for outdoor displays, especially in cooler northern regions. Here’s why this choice can make a significant difference:

Extended Freshness

Fresh greenery decorations tend to last for weeks in cool northern climates when displayed outdoors. The natural environment provides an ideal setting for preserving their vibrant appearance.

Avoid Premature Drying

Indoor conditions can expedite the drying process, leading to a tired and less attractive look. By showcasing your fresh decorations outdoors, you can maintain their vitality for an extended period.

Consider Regional Variation

In milder southern areas, the distinction in lifespan between indoor and outdoor displays might be less noticeable. However, proper treatment remains crucial to ensuring longevity.