Choosing the Perfect Wreath for Your Front Door

When it comes to the holiday season, your door is the perfect blank canvas waiting to be adorned with a stunning wreath of your choice. A wreath not only adds a touch of festive charm but also warmly welcomes guests into your home. However, with the myriad of wreath options available, choosing the perfect one for your front door can be a delightful yet challenging task.


In this guide, we’ll explore the art of selecting the ideal wreath that not only complements your door but also captures the spirit of the season. From traditional evergreens to modern twists, let’s embark on a journey to find the wreath that will make your doorway a beacon of holiday joy.

The Right Size

When picking out a wreath, it’s essential to match it with the size and shape of your front door. Avoid the disappointment of an overwhelming or too-small wreath by ensuring it complements your entryway’s proportions. For smaller doors, go for a simple leaf or greenery wreath for an elegant touch. If you have a larger door, consider a bold statement with a grapevine, boxwood, or vibrant floral wreath. Let your door’s characteristics guide you in selecting a wreath that not only fits but also enhances your entry point.


  • 24-26” Wreath for Standard Sized Doors: Hang your wreath at eye level with a bit of space on each side. A 24-26 inch wreath is perfect for standard 36-inch wide doors.


  • 30”+ Wreath for a Festive Look or Oversized Doors: Sometimes, bigger is better! Larger wreaths, like 30 inches or more, make a statement. Ensure a few inches on each side for easy opening and closing. Don’t shy away from a 36-inch wreath for less frequently used entries or oversized doors.


  • 20-22” Wreaths for Double Doors, Apartments & Smaller Doors: Proportion matters; go smaller for smaller doors. For double doors, opt for two smaller wreaths for a simple and understated look.


  • Storm Doors: Choose a wreath that’s a few inches deep to fit behind your storm door without getting crushed. Look for designs labeled “storm door” for easy shopping.”

The Right Season

Tailor your wreath selection to the season for a perfect match with your home’s vibe.


  • Festive Christmas Cheer: When the holidays roll in, opt for wreaths that exude festive charm. Think of classic designs that capture the spirit without being overly specific.


  • Versatile Options Year-Round: Wreaths aren’t limited to winter. Embrace the changing seasons with versatile choices. Fall welcomes warm tones, spring blossoms with flowers and fresh elements, and summer bursts with vibrant blooms.

The Right Colors

Make your front door and wreath a color-coordinated masterpiece with these simple tips!


  • Bright and Bold Doors: If your front door is a burst of color, consider a wreath with more subdued tones. Let the door take the spotlight, and the wreath can play a supporting role with elegant and muted colors.


  • Muted Front Porches: In contrast, if your porch has a more neutral palette, this is your chance to let the wreath shine with vibrant hues. A pop of color can be the perfect focal point against a muted backdrop.

You Choose You

Selecting a wreath that resonates with your personal style is like choosing the perfect accessory for your home’s attire. Consider these tips:


  • Modern Flair: For a modern-styled home, opt for contemporary wreaths with clean lines and minimalistic design. Think bold shapes, monochromatic schemes, or innovative materials.


  • Traditional Elegance: Traditional homes call for classic wreaths with timeless appeal. Embrace lush greenery, pinecones, and classic bows for that timeless touch.


  • DIY Delight: If you fancy a hands-on approach, explore the world of DIY wreaths. Unleash your creativity with customized designs, whether it’s artificial flowers, eucalyptus, or a blend of various elements.


  • Lively and Fresh: Choose between artificial or live green wreaths based on your preference. Artificial wreaths offer durability and a consistent appearance, while live green wreaths bring the freshness of nature to your doorstep.

Wrapping Up

As you embark on the delightful journey of choosing the perfect wreath for your front door, remember that it’s more than a festive decoration – it’s an expression of your style and the warm welcome you extend to all who approach. Consider the size, shape, and colors of your door, align your choice with the season, and let your personal style shine through. Whether you opt for a classic evergreen wreath, a contemporary masterpiece, or embrace the joy of DIY, your wreath is a charming symbol of the festivities within.